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I write a lot. Here are some finished pieces you might be interested in. I’m including both links to the pieces in the Amazon Kindle store, as well as free downloads. I’m working under the Cory Doctorow theory that, if you give things away for free, more people might read them.
If you feel like supporting me a little bit and want some entertainment zapped to your kindle, or phone or whatever, for very little, go ahead and buy it. If you’re strapped for cash, or want to try before you buy, go right ahead! Just download it for free. If you find you still want to support me, but don’t want to use Amazon as a middle-man, I’ve also put a paypal donation button and a link to Patreon down at the bottom of the page. Do whatever you feel comfortable with! Thank you.
If you don’t feel comfortable sending me actual money, or you haven’t got any, or whatever, it’s cool. We’ve all been there. There are still things you can do that would help me out immensely. Words of support are always welcome. Also, I’m a terrible salesman. If you like my work and you know someone else who might, tell them. Whether you’re mentioning it to your best friend, or posting on some obscure forum, or whatever feels right to you, I sincerely appreciate your help. We’re all in this together.

The Stories:

Dirty Little Flowers
pdf odt Amazon
This is a novella. It’s near-future, sci-fi, cyber-punk romance. The bleeding edge of possibility. Nipples are weird.

Slept So Long
pdf odt Amazon
An older piece. If magic is real, it’s probably something we should be afraid of.

Blood and Clay
pdf odt Amazon
Grief and fear and anger can make us do things that don’t make sense any more. This was originally intended to be a chapter from a novel, but the novel proved too difficult and this chapter stands up fairly well on its own.

pdf odt Amazon
The mere act of questioning can be what authority fears the most.

My ongoing novel, Charlotte Ex Tempora gets its own page.

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