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February 14, 2015 / bpeveril

Chapter the third is finished!

This staying on schedule thing feels good! I’ve finished the first draft of the third chapter of Charlotte Ex-Tempora, and I’m ready to start on the fourth! I didn’t cover as much ground as I’d hoped to, but I think cutting what I meant to call Chapter Three in half is the way to go. I might even call them chapter 3 and chapter 3.5 because, I can do what I want. It also gives me an excuse to sabotage myself and burn up this beautiful lead time I’ve made myself.

Well, all that’s left is some editing and deciding on a chapter title. One of the “beauties” of working so slowly is that, by the time I’ve reached the end of the first draft, it’s already in a somewhat polished state, since I’ve spent so many hours agonizing over it and re-reading, tweaking, editing, as I go. It’s actually fucking terrible, and I don’t recommend it under any circumstances.

Anyway, expect to see it around the beginning of March, unless I go ahead and post it early to make things more difficult for myself, because that’s the thing I love the most.




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