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Charlotte Ex-Tempora

One night stars fall from the sky, and Charlotte finds herself drawn into the events they trigger.

An ongoing, serialized novel. I aim to release a chapter every month. It’s free, although I will put each chapter on Amazon, if you want to pay a little and have it delivered to your kindle, or whatever. I’ve also put a paypal donation button and a link to Patreon down at the bottom of the page, in case you don’t want to use Amazon as a middle man. If you’re strapped for cash, or want to try before you buy, go right ahead! Just download it for free. Do whatever you feel comfortable with! Thank you.

If you don’t feel comfortable sending me actual money, or you haven’t got any, or whatever, it’s cool. We’ve all been there. There are still things you can do that would help me out immensely. Words of support are always welcome. Also, I’m a terrible salesman. If you like my work and you know someone else who might, tell them. Whether you’re mentioning it to your best friend, or posting on some obscure forum, or whatever feels right to you, I sincerely appreciate your help. We’re all in this together.

Chapter 1
The King’s Gone Mad
odt pdf Amazon

Chapter 2
Other Guests
odt pdf Amazon

Chapter 3
To Jump
odt pdf Amazon

Chapter 4
Soon, guys! I’m editing it.

PayPal Donate Button Patreon


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