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January 24, 2015 / bpeveril

The fiction

I’ve been writing without really telling anyone or talking about it. In an effort to change that, I’ve put up a convenient “fiction” page up at the top there. In the next couple of days I’ll have a page for my novel as well so you can keep up with my progress.


September 22, 2014 / bpeveril

Dirty Little Flowers


To celebrate the equinox, my novella Dirty Little Flowers is available for you to buy on the Kindle store. It’s a story about young cyborgs in love, exploring the limits of them selves, and their very humanity.

Here are the links to the various Amazon stores: US CA AU UK MX

As always, if you were to post a favorable review (or, any kind of review, really) of this, or any of my other work on Amazon, it would be greatly appreciated. I refuse to resort to sock puppets. Reblogging or telling people how incredible I am is good too.

I’m running a promotion on my story Forgotten as well, but I’ll give it its own post later.

September 9, 2014 / bpeveril


Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 9.46.32 PM

I have been remise in my duties. My story Blood and Clay Has been available for free on the US Amazon kindle store since yesterday, and I haven’t told anyone. I’m telling you now, though, so you’ll have the chance to check it out. It’s available for a few more days, so if you can’t come up with no money, by all means, wait a little.

I should actually say something, right? Blood and Clay is a dark modern fantasy about how we see ourselves, and how we can be broken. 

Jesus. I just wrote this whole thing out and called it Blood and Sand every time. Oh well. I think I’ve subjected you to my self promotion and feeble attempts at sounding interesting enough for tonight. Here are the links to buy it (although, you’re not really buying anything, since it’s free. Remember that): US CA AU UK MX FR

Thanks, guys.


August 31, 2014 / bpeveril


Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 9.45.04 PM



Hey, guys.

So, I’ve set up a promotion. Starting today on August 31st, Sunday, until Thursday, you can download my story Slept So Long from for free! As far as I know it’s only available on the American site, so if you’re in another country and can’t justify paying for it you’ll have to hang in there a little longer, or just ask and I’ll send you a copy. It’s a limited time promotion, so I hope as many people as possible will take advantage of it. It’s too early in the morning for me to say anything clever about this right now, so I’ll just leave you the link.



August 27, 2014 / bpeveril

FORGOTTEN: Another story for sale

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 7.28.05 PM

It happened again! You all have the chance to buy another of my stories on Amazon, for very little money!

Forgotten is a low, dark fantasy about a man trying to help, with nothing but his dreams on his side.

The US price is 99 cents, it varies in other places because of exchange rates and stuff. (Store links: US CA UK MX AU).

Thanks again for all of your support. I cross-posted this to my tumblr. I’m more active there, you might be interested in checking it out.

August 23, 2014 / bpeveril

Slept so Long and Blood and Clay

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 9.45.04 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 9.46.32 PM

I have two stories available on Amazon right now. They’re 99 cents each (in the US) and will fill that gaping void you feel in your guts when you try to get out of bed every morning.

Okay, they might not do that, but it’s worth trying, right? You have to do something!

The first, Slept so Long, is a modern fantasy with a nod to ancient Greek mythology. It’s about what monsters are, and what it feel like to be one. (Store links: US CA UK AU)

The second, Blood and Clay, follows the trials of a golem, hitch-hiking across the American mid-West. (Store links: US CA UK AU)



August 31, 2013 / bpeveril

The deal

So, the other day when I wasn’t even drunk I loudly proclaimed on tumblr that I was going to write a small book of poetry. Apart from one of the usual hecklers no one took any notice because, you know, nobody reads my tumblr. I’m going to do this anyway, though, and it’s not going to take very long, and I’m going to get other things done while I’m doing it.

Like I said in the original post, I’m going to write a series of sonnets. I figure that sixty is a good number for a small delightfully illustrated volume. Now, I could write a sonnet every day fairly easily. I could probably write two without a problem. But, I should be able to write a sonnet every two days without even trying. If I start tomorrow, I’ll be finished by 2014. Maybe even a little sooner. I might even write one tonight. Who knows!!

Then I’ll have a book! A 60 sonnet cycle. I might include some dirty limericks as bonus material, if I feel like it. I’ll post my progress from time to time. Keep an eye out.