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August 31, 2013 / bpeveril

The deal

So, the other day when I wasn’t even drunk I loudly proclaimed on tumblr that I was going to write a small book of poetry. Apart from one of the usual hecklers no one took any notice because, you know, nobody reads my tumblr. I’m going to do this anyway, though, and it’s not going to take very long, and I’m going to get other things done while I’m doing it.

Like I said in the original post, I’m going to write a series of sonnets. I figure that sixty is a good number for a small delightfully illustrated volume. Now, I could write a sonnet every day fairly easily. I could probably write two without a problem. But, I should be able to write a sonnet every two days without even trying. If I start tomorrow, I’ll be finished by 2014. Maybe even a little sooner. I might even write one tonight. Who knows!!

Then I’ll have a book! A 60 sonnet cycle. I might include some dirty limericks as bonus material, if I feel like it. I’ll post my progress from time to time. Keep an eye out.


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