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September 25, 2012 / bpeveril

The between time

Well, I fought through the mountain of self doubt and common sense and finally put what I’m willing to call the finishing touches on Dirty Little Flowers. I probably wouldn’t have finished it yet, but I found a contest run by Glimmer Train magazine with a deadline, so I had a little bit of extra motivation.

I don’t know why, when I have a desk and everything, I’m still doing this sitting on the bed. I assume I’m trying to teach my spine a lesson.

It took hours of rereading, proofreading, pretending to read, harassing the friends I blackmailed into reading it for me, even more late nights, disrupted by illness and a birthday party’s worth of little girls, but I managed to do it.

I had a lot of help, especially from the aspiring writer up there. Well, to be fair, he’s mostly interested in stuffing papers in his mouth, so maybe he wants to be a photocopier.

This was exactly as helpful as it looks!


I want to thank all of the people who read it for me too. it really means a lot, and expressing gratitude is not exactly my strong suit.

Now, what happens next? I need to start writing the next thing while I’ve still go the three M’s. Motivation, Momentum and … Multiplication? Malt Liquor? Ministration? Anyway, the contest gives me a blissful two months to wait and try to convince myself that there’s a chance this thing will win, then I get to move onto the next stage in the life of Dirty Little Flowers, the “I have no clue what I’m doing” stage.  Whether it wins or not, I figure I’ll send it to a few agents before I go all Corey Doctorow on it. I’ve got plans, though. Plans that might make a very small amount of money! I’ll keep you posted on that.

In the mean time, Doctor Valentine claims he’s working on arting up the next chapter of Dead Or Worse, so that might happen soon. It looks like he’s mostly chasing around after girls dressed like cartoon characters, though. I’ll keep you updated. It’s a slow process, given that we’re both prone to taking on multiple creative projects, then letting those engage in mortal combat with demanding professional and personal lives. Well, he has a professional life. Me, not so much.

Hey, if anyone wants to hire a freelance writer, I can hook you up. Just don’t tell Luis. He thinks I’m writing comics right now.



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