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August 13, 2012 / bpeveril

Down to it

I’ve been making decent headway, I should have the first draft of Dirty Little Flowers completely typed and in a state to edit within the next few days, definitely no later than next Friday. I’d like to post some things, a few quips, maybe a compelling scene or two, but I am so terribly tired right now.

Being a parent is, at the risk of ceasing to be an as yet unsuccessful writer and becoming complete cliche instead, rewarding in ways that hadn’t even occurred to me, but doing that, working a full time job, dealing with ongoing legal/health problems (related!) and trying to create the single biggest and most ambitious thing I’ve managed in my entire life is fucking exhausting. I’ll get to it soon, seriously.

In the mean time my tumblr is always there. It gets updated because it takes next to no effort.



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